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Last updated on: June 19, 2021
James Allen
"Bo" Hoyt
January 17, 1911 -
  January 31, 2000
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This is the end.This is the end.
This is the end.This is the end.This is the end.
This is the end.This is the end.
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God First,

Louisiana Proud
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Then Family,
Then Country.
Welcome To The Bayou!
Notice: Anyone surfing this site (and almost any other site) should be aware that their surfing habits can be monitored. Although I collect no data myself, data collection at hosted websites is common.
Give the
gift of life!
Daddy shared his philosophy with me shortly before I retired from the Navy. It is a philosophy that I share and one the country needs to get back.
The 4th will be on Saturday, the 3rd. 
Looks like we might miss the tropical storms so ya'll come on up and down and over here. 

  And DON'T forget

And you politician types, Bon Doggie IS watching you from above.....

Poli (MANY)
Tick (Blood-sucking parasite)
Coincidence; I think not....

History seems to be on MY side, so yeah!
Her and Bella also say Happy Anniversary Gammy and Grandpa (Poppa)!!!
May the Lord bless you and keep you safe and secure for all time.  

The 4th is upon us. The Hollow stands ready and we are also ready to gather with the kinfolk from all over the world.  See you there. We will have fish and chips and cold drinks covered. I'm hoping to have enough crawfish in the freezer for an ettoufe' and yes, Uncle Possum's recipe will be in the cookbook when I get it done. Bring your recipes in if you want yours in the cookbook.

Know that God loves you and I do too!
S i d e N o t es:

​Keep those fighting cancer in your prayers.
In my travels I have found many people who were good, calloused, evil, unconcerned, selfcentered and many other descriptions. Some who claim to be Christian aren't, some are. Some who claim to follow Islam are, some aren't. Fanatics on both sides are wrong. Just sayin.