The Hoyt Clan
of Cheneyville
Last Update: December 1, 2011
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13 April 2002
Vera    Leona   Steve at Charley & Rose Marie's 25th anniversary party
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Roy, Genevieve, Inet, Dee, Possum
Steve Leona De
Wilma  Clyde
Sam Cathy Alex John
Lolly  Faye
Uncle Steve, Aunt Leona, De
Aunt Wilma, Uncle Clyde @ LC
Cousin Vera, Aunt Leona, Uncle Steve
Katlyn, Derykah
Madison, CJ
Charley                            Derykah
Margie, Breck
Lollie, Faye
The CookBook is in the works.
I Need MOOORRREEE Recipes!!!!!!!!