Cheneyville, Louisiana
John & Marcellete  Percy & Susie  Dave & Mary  Sam & Katie  Over 200 years of marriage represented here!
Jo  Gus  Bo  Jack  SJ
Last updated on: December 1, 2011
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Sons and Daughters of
Sam & Katie Hoyt
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The Hoyt House
The News Room
Check out the latest News!!
Check out the latest News!!
Send me your pictures from the 4th of July or other family gatherings.  A Hoyt Family CookBook is in the works and I need your recipes. Send them. It's going slower than I like, but it is still going....                                                                            Charley
Possum, Leona, Jody, Alva, Sue
The Hoyt Family
John & Marcelete  Percy & Suzy  Dave & Mary  Sam & Katie  Arthur & Inez
Jo, Gus, Bo, Jack, S.J.
Possum, Leona, Jody, Alva, Sue
Oldest  to youngest
and Port Arthur, Tx.